Awareness Mapping

This module focuses on the essentials of Knowledge Mapping, its value, rules, and methodologies.

Critical Queries

  • What is K-map?
  • What does the K-map display, and what do we map?
  • Why is K-mapping so critical?
  • What are some of the important ideas, methodologies, and questions for K-mapping?
  • How do we build K-map?


Each individual of the past generations has been dominated by solitary know-how. The eighteenth century was the time of the good mechanical devices accompanying the Industrial Revolution. The nineteenth century was the age of steam motor. Just after these, the key technologies has been info accumulating, processing and distribution. Between other developments, the installation of planet wide phone networks, the creation of radio and tv, the beginning and unparalleled growth of the laptop business and the launching of conversation satellites are substantial. Now individuals begun to believe that only information and facts is not adequate, what issues is Expertise. So there has been noticed change from Details to Know-how.

A little bit of details with out context and interpretation is facts such as numbers, symbols.

Information is a established of data with context and interpretation. Info is the foundation for expertise.

Understanding is a established of details and data, to which is included pro view and working experience, to final result in a worthwhile asset which can be utilized or applied to support determination building. Information may well be explicit and/or tacit, individual and/or collective.

The term -Awareness Mapping- would seem to be somewhat new, but it is not. We have been practising this in our daily lifestyle, just what we are not doing is – we are not documenting it, and we are not doing it in a systematic way. Understanding Mapping is all about preserving a report of information and understanding you need to have this kind of as the place you can get it from, who retains it, whose know-how is it, and so on. Say, you need to obtain a thing at your house or in your space, you can obtain it in no time since you have virtually all the details/information about -what is wherever- and -who knows what- at your house. It is a kind of map set in your head about your household. But, to set these a map about your organisation and organisational information in your head is practically extremely hard. This is the place K-map gets to be helpful and reveals details of every single bit of expertise that exists in the organisation together with location, quality, and accessibility and information needed to run the organisation efficiently – that’s why earning you in a position to uncover out your essential know-how easily and proficiently.

Underneath are some of the definitions:

It is an ongoing quest in an business (together with its supply and customer chain) to enable learn the spot, possession, value and use of know-how artifacts, to study the roles and knowledge of people today, to detect constraints to the stream of awareness, and to highlight options to leverage current knowledge.

Knowledge mapping is an important apply consisting of survey, audit, and synthesis. It aims to observe the acquisition and loss of information and know-how. It explores private and team competencies and proficiencies. It illustrates or “maps” how know-how flows through an business. Information mapping helps an group to take pleasure in how the loss of personnel influences intellectual capital, to assist with the variety of teams, and to match technology to awareness desires and procedures.

– Denham Gray

Information mapping is about making expertise that is readily available in just an organisation transparent, and is about offering the insights into its good quality.

– Willem-Olaf Huijsen, Samuel J. Driessen, Jan W. M. Jacobs

Information mapping is a system by which organisations can discover and categorise information property inside of their organisation – persons, procedures, material, and technologies. It permits an organisation to absolutely leverage the present know-how resident in the organisation, as very well as detect limitations and constraints to satisfying strategic ambitions and targets. It is developing a roadmap to find the information and facts essential to make the very best use of resourses, independent of resource or kind.

-W. Vestal, APQC, 2002

(American Efficiency & High quality Heart)

Expertise Map describes what knowledge is made use of in a course of action, and how it flows all over the procedure. It is the foundation for analyzing awareness commonality, or locations in which identical understanding is utilized throughout several course of action. Essentially, a method awareness map cntains data about the organisation?s know-how. It describes who has what awareness (tacit), where by the know-how resides (infrastructure), and how the information is transferred or disseminated (social).

-IBM World Companies

How are the Knowledge Maps established?

Information maps are designed by transferring tacit and explicit information into graphical formats that are quick to recognize and interpret by the conclusion users, who may be professionals, professionals, system developers, or any person.

Essential techniques in making K-maps:

Fundamental actions – creating K-maps for specific process

  • The outcomes of the entire procedure, and their contributions to the crucial organisational activities
  • Logical sequences of all the pursuits necessary to obtain the intention
  • Knowledge demanded for just about every activity provides the awareness gap
  • Human source expected to undertake each and every activity displays if recruitment is needed

What do we map?

The followings are the objects we map:

  • Explicit know-how
    • issue
    • reason
    • site
    • format
    • possession
    • people
    • entry correct
  • Tacit understanding
    • know-how
    • ability
    • expertise
    • spot
    • accessibility
    • get hold of tackle
    • relationships/networks
  • Tacit organisational process expertise
    • the persons with the interior processing awareness
  • Specific organisational course of action understanding
    • codified organisational process understanding

What do the know-how maps clearly show?

Understanding map displays the resources, flows, constraints, and sinks of awareness inside of an organisation. It is a navigational aid to the two explicit data and tacit awareness, displaying the worth and the interactions amongst information outlets and the dynamics. The adhering to record will be more illustrative in this regard:

  • Out there understanding assets
  • Awareness clusters and communities
  • Who employs what information sources
  • The paths of know-how trade
  • The expertise lifecycle
  • What we know we don?t know (awareness hole)

Activity: 1

>> Can you develop your individual understanding map which reveals the types and area of awareness means you use, the channels you use to obtain knowledge?

Wherever does awareness reside?

Knowledge can be discovered in

  • Correspondents, inside paperwork
  • Library
  • Archives (earlier task documents, proposals)
  • Conferences
  • Best tactics
  • Expertise
  • Corporate memory

Activity: 2

>> What are the other spots the place you can obtain know-how?

What are the other factors to be mapped?

Advantages of K-mapping

In numerous organisations there is a absence of transparency of organisation broad knowledge. Precious knowledge is generally not used simply because people do not know it exists, even if they know the awareness exists, they may well not know exactly where. These troubles guide to the information mapping. Followings are some of the essential reasons for performing the expertise mapping:

  • to find essential resources of awareness development
  • to inspire reuse and stop reinvention
  • to obtain critical information and facts swiftly
  • to emphasize islands of skills
  • to supply an stock and analysis of intellectual and intangible belongings
  • to enhance decision earning and issue solving by furnishing applicable facts
  • to present insights into corporate awareness

The map also serves as the repeatedly evolving organisational memory, capturing and integrating the essential awareness of an organisation. It permits employees learning by intuitive navigation and interrogation of the information in the map, and through the development of new know-how by means of the discovery of new interactions. Only speaking, K-map offers staff not only -know what-, but also -know how-.

Key rules of Understanding Mapping

  • Because of their electricity, scope, and influence, the creation of organisational-level awareness map requires senior management assistance as effectively as very careful arranging
  • Share your expertise about pinpointing, acquiring, and tracking expertise in all varieties
  • Recognise and find knowledge in a broad selection of forms: tacit, explicit, formal, informal, codified, personalised, internal, external, and lasting
  • Information is located in procedures, associations, procedures, people, files, conversations, back links and context, and even with associates
  • It ought to be up-to-date and accurate

K-mapping – essential issues

Expertise map presents an assessment of existing and expected expertise and information and facts in the pursuing groups:

  • What information is essential for do the job?
  • Who wants what?
  • Who has it?
  • Wherever does it reside?
  • Is the expertise tacit or express?
  • What difficulties does it handle?
  • How to make confident that the K-mapping will be utilised in an organisation?


  • K-maps really should be simply available to all in the organisation
  • It should be effortless to understand, update and evolve
  • It ought to be up to date consistently
  • It must be an ongoing course of action considering the fact that understanding landscapes are repeatedly shifting and evolving

Offline Readings:

  • K-mapping resources
  • K-mapping resource variety
  • Developing knowledge maps by exploiting dependent associations
  • Generating knowledge construction map?
  • White pages
  • KM jargon and glossary

Online Useful resource:

K-mapping Applications:

  • MindMapping
  • Inspiration
  • IHMC ( (need to have.Net Framework and JavaRunTime put in in your personal computer)

(Study a lot more about KM software selection at )

Categorised K-mapping

Social Community Mapping:

This reveals networks of knowledge and patterns of interaction among the members, groups, organisations, and other social entities who appreciates who, who goes to whom for enable and guidance, the place the info enters and leaves the teams or organisation, which boards and communities of apply are operational and generating new expertise.

Competency Mapping:

With this form of mapping, a person can create a competency profile with skill, positions, and even vocation path of an personal. And, this can also be transformed into the?organisational yellow webpages? which allows staff to uncover necessary expertise in folks in the organisation.

System-based mostly Understanding Mapping:

This shows know-how and sources of understanding for inside as effectively as exterior organisational procedures and treatments. This features tacit awareness (awareness in people today such as know-how, and expertise) and express knowledge (codified awareness this sort of as that in document).

Conceptual Awareness Mapping:

Also occasionally called -taxonomy-, it is a method of hierarchically organising and classifying articles. This will involve in labelling parts of understanding and relationships involving them. A concept can be defined as any device of imagined, any concept that forms in our intellect [Gertner, 1978]. Generally, nouns are used to refer to concepts [Roche, 2002]. Relations kind a particular class of ideas [Sowa, 1984]: they explain connections concerning other ideas. Just one of the most vital relations in between concepts is the hierarchical relation (subsumption), in which one particular concept (superconcept) is a lot more common than a different idea (subconcept) like Organic Source Management and Watershed Administration. This mapping must be able to relate identical kind of initiatives and workshops conducting/executed by two diverse departments, creating them extra built-in.

Expertise is electricity, broadly accessible, comprehensible, and shared expertise is even far more impressive!

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