How to Stop Pulling Your Hair Out – Hypnotherapy For Trichotillomania

Compulsive hair pulling is a great way to put your gorgeous locks through the wringer. The disorder that causes the compulsion is trichotillomania (TTM or trich for short) and it impacts millions across the globe. This condition isn’t limited to the hair on your head. Some people pull out eyebrows or lashes, pubic hair, or body hair when dealing with this disorder that some define as an obsessive compulsive disorder while others call it an anxiety disorder.

Getting to the Root of the Problem Not Necessary

Fortunately, if you are one of the millions of people that suffers from trichotillomania you will not need to endure countless hour of expensive sessions with a psychiatrist to find a cure for your condition, though that is certainly one way to do it. The problem with that is that there are no guarantees involved no matter how many years you devote to seeking a cure. Since you don’t need to go this route you should be glad to know that there is an easier way to fix the problem without the head games commonly associated with counseling.

Treating Compulsive Hair Pulling

Perhaps the best news you will ever discover about compulsive hair pulling is that it is highly treatable. This means that you have several options available to help you overcome this compulsion-even without first discovering what exactly is the cause of your problem. The treatment process is not one that will have you changing your life, spending massive amounts of money, or drinking foul potions for results.

Using NLP and Hypnotherapy to Treat Trichotillomania

NLP or neuro-linguistic programming used either alone or in conjunction with hypnotherapy is an excellent choice for treating your problem of compulsive hair pulling. In fact, the same types of approaches are used for this as are used for breaking other habits and compulsions. You can even find hair pulling treatments through hypnosis that address anxiety issues that may be the root of the problem. You will not need to go through painful childhood memories to find out. You can simply go through the hypnotherapy process to treat anxiety along with the process for overcoming compulsions and you will find the mental fortitude to resist those compulsions.

Why does NLP work when other attempts have failed?

Because habits are largely mental. NLP puts your mind in the position to make the necessary changes. If you are wondering how long this process is going take, you can now relax. Rather than months or years of weekly sessions that have proved to be fruitless you should be delighted to find that you will only need about 4 sessions that last around an hour each to see real results for your compulsive hair pulling problem.

Aren’t you ready to move on with a life that is free of the painful need to pull your hair or the constant necessity of covering up the hair loss that results from your obsessive behavior? Get the help you need for compulsive hair pulling today and move on with your life unhindered by compulsions tomorrow.

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